Our Capabilities

Wireless Telecommunication Infrastructure, Applications and more:

SLA's extensive experience in product development and management of Microprocessor, FPGA and DSP Architectures play a key role in our ability to achieve reliable and cost effective customer solutions. SLA has accumulated an impressive library of Intellectual Property that includes Algorithmic Analysis, Software Architectures and Implementation that will assist bringing your program to a successful completion on time and on budget. San Luis Aviation possesses expertise in Qualcomm's CDMA technology and Intellectual Property in areas such as LTE, UMTS, CDMA, BREW, J2ME, GSM and NADC (IS-136) as well as many other communication technologies.

Wireless Infrastructure Development Experience:

●  First Generation (1G) AMPS and ETACS High Power Cellular Base Stations.
●  Second Generation (2G) IS-136 Digital High Power Cellular Base Stations.
●  Third Generation (3G) CDMA 1xEVDO Rel. 0 High Power Base Stations.
●  Third Generation (3G) CDMA 1xEVDO Rev. A Pico Cell Base Stations.
●  Fourth Generation (4G) LTE Small Cell Base Stations.

Core Areas of Expertise:

●  Wireless telecommunications infrastructure
●  Wireless Client App development (iOS, Android, BB, Native, BREW & Others)
●  Wireless network architecture
●  Wireless protocol development
●  Quality of Service (QoS)
●  Self Organizing Networks (SON)
●  Real Time embedded system development
●  Custom Embedded O/S
●  Algorithm development
●  Control system development
●  Amplifier system control
●  Multi-IO system
●  GUI development (MS Windows, Mac, Linux)
●  Device drivers
●  GPS interface
●  Security in wireless networking
●  Unix systems programming
●  Fault tolerant system design
●  Digital hardware design
●  DSP development
●  CLI development

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